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OnSite Employee Health Clinics

A healthy workforce is a happy and productive workforce. In a continued effort to help counties contain spiraling healthcare costs, the CSAC Finance Corporation offers a program to place onsite employee health clinics in California counties. After an extensive RFP and due diligence process conducted by the CSAC Finance Corporation and overseen by County officials, Medcor, Inc. was selected as the program provider.

With the OnSite Employee Health Clinic Program, the potential for savings is significant in general health, increased productivity and workers compensation. Additionally, employees report services like these as one of the most valuable benefits their employers offer.

Medcor has developed proven systems for onsite employee health clinics with important factors including:

  • Flexibility to tailor clinic solutions to your county;
  • Clinics dedicated to your employees and dependents to provide convenient access, including same day appointments;
  • Resolving workers’ compensation injuries onsite quickly and avoiding unnecessary claims;
  • Chronic disease management;
  • Evidence-based medicine to help your employees recover sooner, suffer less and return to productive work without disability;<l/li>
  • Accurate assessments for complete care;
  • Best health outcomes to drive down medical costs;
  • Coordination of care with community providers and specialists as needed; and
  • Focus on wellness to help your employees maintain healthy lifestyles.

As counties face mounting medical costs and challenges in trying to plan for medical rate increases, Medcor’s onsite employee health clinics can help you manage your premiums and create a healthier workforce.

For more information on how your county can begin focusing on the health of your employees and containing costs with Medcor please contact Laura Labanieh at or 916.650.8186 or Medcor’s Cody Seeger at or 815.363.9500 x5334. Visit Medcor online at

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