Employee Background Screening

Employee Relations, Inc.

Employee Relations, Inc provides California Counties and other local government with pre-screening employment background investigations, drug testing, and employee hotline services to reduce liability for negligent hire or negligent retention of employees. Employee Relations previously held a contract through the National Association of Counties (NACo). Now Employee Relations holds a contract directly with the CSAC Finance Corporation through a competitively bid RFP process conducted by Solano County. As with the NACo program, this new agreement may be piggybacked by all Public Agencies.
The CSAC Finance Corporation/Solano agreement is intended to allow a seamless transition from the NACo program to the CSAC Finance Corporation services program without any interruption of service. The program remains flexible in order to accommodate those public agencies whose utilization may be small enough to be handled through a professional services agreement or even a simple purchase order, rather than a formal contract. For more information, please contact Bob Fisher of Employee Relations at bfisher@erelations.com or (800) 716-7773 x101.



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