Utility Cost Control

Cost Control Associates, Inc

Cost Control Associates, Inc provides assistance to local government clients to help reduce energy and telecom costs by performing a complete review of bills for possible errors that can be refunded to a local government. Reviews in rate changes or services are also made to help reduce ongoing energy and telecom costs. When billing errors are corrected, Cost Control Associates receives a percentage of the corresponding refunds or savings; if they fail to reduce clients' utility costs, then the services are free. Cost Control Associates previously held a contract with the National Association of Counties (NACo). Now Cost Control Associates holds a contract directly with the CSAC Finance Corporation through a competitively bid RFP process conducted by Solano County. As with the NACo program, this new agreement may be piggybacked by all Public Agencies.

The recently awarded CSAC Finance Corporation/Solano agreement is intended to allow a seamless transition from the NACo program to the CSAC FC services program without any interruption of service. For more information, please contact Keith Laake of Cost Control Associates at keith.laake@costcontrolassociates.com or 518-798-4437.




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